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Willie & Ana Herber
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Bankers Capital Realty & Investments

As a long time resident of Chino Hills, we can put our knowledge to work to find your dream home in your neighborhood of choice. We use the latest Internet marketing tools to expose your property to the widest possible range of qualified buyers. We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled service and look forward to developing a long-term relationship. Our expertise and experience will benefit you whether you are a serious buyer or seller.

Why choose Willie & Ana Herber as your Real Estate agents? For one thing, we really listen to you and will work tirelessly on your behalf.

As former buyer & seller of real estate, we had dealt with those who are in it for the money. They were not there for our best interest. In turn, it cost us thousand of dollars in savings from all transactions.

We pride ourselves in looking out for #1, YOU! We treat each transaction as if it was our own. We look out for your best interest. We will work tirelessly to SAVE YOU MONEY and get you the best possible deal.

Our goal is to achieve your goal. Our success relies on the YOUR SUCCESS!

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FAST FACTS Calif. median home price:

California: $428,970 Calif. highest median home price by region/county February 2015: San Mateo, $1,200,000 Calif. lowest median home price by region/county February 2015: Siskiyou County, $148,330 Calif. Pending Home Sales Index: January 2015: Increased 26.7 percent from 70.9 in December to 89.8 in January. Calif. Traditional Housing Affordability Index: Fourth Quarter 2014: 30 percent (Source: […]


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